Education Program to active schools and the rising number of children

Following a belief that education is pivotal to society building, and in light of the severe damage inflicted on the educational system by a terrible war that torment different Syrian neighborhoods, we spare no effort to embrace the greatest number of dropped out students who were deprived of education and left vulnerable to ignorance and abuse.


Statistics show that over 2.1 million children are deprived of education, as the relentless shelling have damaged and put many schools out of services. International reports say that only one in every three schools in Syria delivers education, with a majority of students dropped out of education

The escalating dropout rate triggers local and international concern as the crisis grows in extent and severity for children who cannot find schools to receive education. Meanwhile, many families find themselves in dire conditions that push more children to work instead of going to school. While, morally, this leads to a loss of childhood innocence, in practice, it increases child labor rates and the consequent possibility of falling prey to abuse and exploitation. The future of an entire generation is on the verge of collapse.

Our Projects:

From there comes the need of restoring and operating ruined schools inside Syria, to accommodate the growing number of dropped out students, provide a suitable educational environment, protect the children against abuse, and provide them with the requisite skills that help them overcoming life difficulties and obstacles. Towards this, we solicit the international support to various elements of the educational system and contribute to enhancing its operational effectiveness as means to ensure students’ continued commitment to education, to address the needs in their pursuit of education, and to minimize the negative implications affecting their lives amid an ongoing war in Syria.

Be the Bridge ‎for Them

To support us in the delivery of education, to encourage students maintain their pursuit of success, and to  help them reach their dreams…

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