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May 2, 2017
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May 4, 2017

Sponsoring Orphans

Sponsoring Orphans

Recent statistics of Syrian orphans and families without breadwinners show precarious results of an ongoing humanitarian tragedy.  Conflicts and battles have led to a large-scale crisis, which calls for international intervention to save children and orphans from lost, abuse and deteriorating living conditions.


Children are the most afflicted group by the ongoing conflict in Syria. According to UNICEF, Syria is 'among earth's most dangerous places for children.' Whether deliberately targeted or not protected properly, thousands of children lost their lives to violence, and the majority has dropped off schools, sought refuge in other countries, and became breadwinners for their families.


In a recent report by 'Syria Relief,' 5.3 million children need urgent assistance, of them, two million live in hard to reach areas.


Therefore, Beyaz Eller shows particular interest in alleviating the suffering of Syrian children. Our '100 Orphans' Project deals with psychological, medical, and ethical aspects of children life, in addition to providing food, shelter, education and dignity livelihood that help children survive misery in host countries.


Project Objectives:


- Sponsoring orphans through quarterly installments that secure basic needs for food, clothing, education and Islamic upbringing.


- Providing semiweekly sermons for groups of 25 children to ensure correct Islamic education following a multi-leveled program that suits different age groups.


- Ensuring orphans' physical and mental wellbeing through semiannual medical check-up. Turkish clinics and hospitals provide insurance for refugee children that cover examination and clinical treatment.


- Hiring an educational supervisor for groups of 50 children to nurture social, behavioral and psychological aspects of children lives, following an educational program that underlines values and human skills.


The project aims at:

Providing comprehensive humanitarian care that comprises religious, physical, psychological, behavioral and mental aspects of orphans' life.


Supporting orphans' families by providing the basic needs of children.


Protecting orphans against labor, abuse, and beggary.


Raising orphans' ethical awareness and spreading notions of compassion and tolerance.


Sponsoring Orphans
50 $ monthly
600 $ annually