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September 13, 2018
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October 25, 2018

“Al Mahaba Wal Ikhlas” in 2016-2017

With the continual escalation of violence in Syria and a rise in the number of dropped students, a direct result of families’ repeated migration in search for safety, many children were denied their right to schooling and education,  since the warring parties continue to target schools with arbitrary shelling.


Thereof, “Beyaz Eller Organization” endeavour to support the educational process in a number of sponsored schools. Last year, it collaborated with the “International Islamic Charity Organization”  (IICO) to support education in seven schools in different parts of the Syrian inside, including “Al Mahaba Wal Ikhlas” school in western Aleppo suburbs.

The project lasted for 12 months. The school sustained its operation throughout the educational year and through summer courses and activities that supported the students’ academic attainment and entertained them in safe areas, instead of leaving them to streets where they fall vulnerable to many dangers.

المحبة والاخلاص

Students Seeking Success

A little girl in the primary stage moves around with a pencil and large sheets, says:


We met a student in the intermediary grade who helps his colleagues completing their school work and explains the points they could not understand. He talked about his goal of education:

“I love drawing and hand crafts. I wish I become a designer, produce beautiful outfits, and teach sewing to girls.”
“ I wish i become a teacher of history to show the truth and respond to untrue readings that misrepresent our identity. Through my study, i will seek the truth and show it to the people”

The start

مدرسة المحبة والاخلاص

The project started by preparing the school. We restored the damaged parts and completed all maintenance and reconstruction works. Then, we called for student enrollment and started providing education by supporting the different aspects of schooling operations, e.g., teachers’ salaries, summer activities, heating, and small weekly meals for the students.


Also, we supported our teachers by distribution of stationary tools and organizing courses to enhance their teaching and instructing skills and help lifting their overall performance.

Operation processes have also included entertainment for students to support their psychological and physical wellbeing through extra-curricular activities, including sports and art activities, parties, and school trips.

مدرسة المحبة والاخلاص
مدرسة المحبة والاخلاص
مدرسة المحبة والاخلاص
مدرسة المحبة والاخلاص