Sponsoring Orphans
May 4, 2017
Every Day: 2 Kilograms of Bread for the Displaced and Deported Households
May 4, 2017

Sponsoring a Teacher

Sponsoring a Teacher

Education is a cornerstone of societal development and improvement. It plays a central role in building a strong and aware generation that overtakes responsibility and leads national renaissance. Educational reform resides on top of development priorities for many countries around the world.


As the Syrian war enters its seventh year, national infrastructure has been severely affected by the ongoing destruction; schools were not an exception. With battle lines extending across the country, repeated mass displacement results in increased drop off rates. Displaced communities resort to schools as collective shelters, thus putting them out of service and depriving children of the right to education.


Even in schools that survived destruction, the educational process has stopped for several reasons. Twenty-five percent of teachers (around 52,000) have left schools, 640 teachers lost their lives to violence, and 1300 educational calibers are prisoners. Above all, economic deterioration pushed many teachers to the workforce market to afford a livelihood.


To alleviate the negative repercussions of war on education, 'Beyaz Eller' Association runs a number of projects that help retrieve the educational process.


Of these is our project to support and hire 150 teachers.


The project aims at:


- Supporting and hiring 150 teachers from Ghouta schools in Damascus countryside.


- Allocating $200 as a monthly salary for each teacher throughout nine months.


Project Objectives:


- Supporting teachers and help them providing education.


- Contribute to building an aware generation that rebuilds Syria and draws up its future.


- Enhancing teachers' living conditions and realizing psychological stability for their families.


- Realizing discipline in target schools.


-Encouraging dropped off students to return to classrooms.

Join us and sponsor a hope and a future for the next generations!