Food Security and Livelihood - FSL

As the crisis gains momentum and the death toll increases on all Syrian grounds, nearly half of the population of Syria have been displaced from their homes and fled elsewhere inside or outside Syria to neighboring countries. This resulted in a critical humanitarian crisis due to scarcity of food, water and medical supplies in refuge and displacement sites.

برنامج الأمن الغذائي وسبل العيش

Statistics and Numbers:

A report of the UNHCR  mentioned that Syrian refugees exceed 6 million and the displaced within Syria reach 5 million.

The UN General Secretary stated that 12.2 Syrian people need urgent aid among them 5 million children.

A UNESEF report states that 4 in every 5 Syrian children is poor and 75% of the children in Al Za’tari camp have medical problems.

A F. A.W. report states that the agricultural sector was badly hit during the last 7 years. War cut routes within Syria and prevented transportation of agriculture products to most parts of the country forcing traders to import them from neighboring countries at a cost exceeding national production.   

Our Projects:

‘Beyaz Eller Organization’ gave priority to projects targeting food safety and livelihood due to the harsh humane conditions facing the Syrians who lack food and water, leading to food projects totaling to 34% of implemented projects.

The organization upgraded its relief aid to provide daily basic needs. It distributed food baskets and ready cooked meals. It supplied flour to bakeries and established portable bakeries for distribution of bread. It also aided production projects that achieved self-sufficiency and helped farmers reclaim land after war had destroyed it. It distributed baby milk and food coupons to aid families in obtaining their food needs.

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