Water and Sanitation Program

Suffering in Syria is no longer restricted to daily shelling and bombardment of civilian targets; earning livelihood and securing basic needs have become growing challenges to the majority of the tormented population.

A seven-year war has stopped water pumping stations for either being destroyed or impaired by electricity cut and insufficient, scarce, and overpriced mazut.


Recent reports from HNO indicate that 8.2 million Syrians need water. Meanwhile, a Stanford study finds out that Syria’s war has direct implications on rivers and drinking water sources. Drought, caused by climatic changes and mismanagement of resources, results from the continual instability and use of weapons. Meanwhile, forced deportation of large communities to certain areas contribute to creating a widespread and chronic water crisis.

Our Projects:

“Beyaz Eller organization” endeavors to alleviate water shortage crisis by applying a range of projects that target the neediest households in many afflicted areas. In general, we aim at providing and delivering clean water at the lowest-possible cost.

Our projects has varied between direct distribution of water to deprived areas using mobile containers, to distribution of ice blocks during heat strikes and drilling makeshift wells with pumps to assist local communities extract clean water.

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