Our Work

Our Work

‘Beyaz Eller’ has started its activities in need areas and displacement camps through provision of life-saving aids that largely fall under ‘Food Security and Livelihood’ sector. Our projects serve urgent needs inside Syria and nearby the Turkish-Syrian borders, with focus on distribution of food baskets, hot meals, dates, flour for bakeries, and baby milk.

Although the need for these projects continues to pressure our humanitarian work, we extend our focus beyond provision of immediate food and shelter requirements. Our development and productive programs open gates for cooperation between the organization and project beneficiaries by providing greater work opportunities and enabling production of daily needs. This includes sponsoring bakeries and production of wheat and potato, as means to realize self-sufficiency and community, as well as personal, development, in short in long terms.

Through ‘Shelter and Non-food Assistance Program’, we provide displaced and refugee families with basic needs-  shelter supplies, heaters, winter clothing, bed linings, mats, blankets, heating oil, coal, firewood, and toiletries.

Also, we pay special care to the ‘Education Program’, which focuses on restoring and re-operating raided schools to enable return of the normal educational process. The project ensures return of dropped out students by provision of financial and material support: school bags, uniforms, and stationary. We strive to ensure continuity of the educational process and to contribute to building a generation that is capable of leading development in Syria’s future.

Having lost the father who protects children against loss and vagrancy, many families are left open to falling prey to abusive activities. ‘Beyaz Eller’, in response, started ‘Protection and Sponsorship Program’ to provide financial and psychological support to widowed mothers and orphans as means to protect vulnerable families against loss, children recruitment in armed conflicts, illegal activities, and beggary.

Our projects include direct sponsorship of orphans and families of university students, hosting educational and social events, provision of medical care, supporting small projects, and provision of psychological support programs for children. Besides, we undertake a number of seasonal projects during Ramadan and Muslim festivals ‘Eid’. These include Qurbani projects, provision of Iftar Meals, distribution of Zakat, and offering children clothing.

Meanwhile, the need to secure drinking water for thousands of afflicted Syrians has heartened the establishment of ‘Water and Sanitary Program’ to facilitate drilling superficial wells and provision of water to communities that suffer acute water shortage.

Our medical initiatives are focused on providing both immediate relief and building blocks to aid Syrian cities in creating a sustainable and effective healthcare system. Beyaz Eller provides financial and material support to existing hospitals, pharmacies, and pharmaceutical institutions, in addition to building new ones. We also establish portable clinics and pharmacies, and provide fully-equipped ambulance cars that extends adequate and affordable medical services to distant and unreachable areas.

Our goal is for every afflicted Syrian to have a one-on-one sponsorship – whether a widow, an orphan, a young man or woman, or an elderly person. Just like us, every Syrian victim of this heinous war deserves a chance at a new life, through direct sponsorship of a compassionate person who values humanity.