Program Shelter and Non-food Assistance

Shelter and non-food assistance are primary needs of shattered displaced Syrian households, whose need for aid projects magnifies during cold winter waves that threaten IDPs’ lives inside camps.


According to a UNCHR report, around one million individuals live in besieged areas and fall short of life-saving humanitarian assistance. Meanwhile, the escalation of violence has multiplied the humanitarian suffering; over 6.1 million are displaced, while 4.8 million seek asylum in different countries.

Also, a recently released paper by the World Bank examines direct and indirect effects of war on the Syrian economy. The direct effects include a significant drop in size and skills of the Syrian labor force, due to increased war casualties; loss of life, refugee effluence, and destruction of civil infrastructure. Meanwhile, conflicts over oil wells has led to a fuel and unemployment crisis that triggered tremendous increase in prices and deepened the humanitarian suffering inside Syria.

Our Projects:

To avert a renewed humanitarian crisis in refugee and IDPs camps, and to protect the afflicted population during winter, ‘Beyaz Eller’ works on several projects to relieve the suffering of needy and poor Syrian households. Winter projects include provision of children clothing, blankets, heating fuel, firewood, and coal. In addition, we work on building and equipping camps to meet the basic needs of the afflicted families.

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