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May 13, 2017
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June 4, 2017

Zakat ul-Mal -Let Yours Be the Upper Hand, and Contribute by Giving Your Zakat.

Zakat ul-Mal

One of Beyaz Eller projects in the Syrian inside and states of asylum is to distribute zakat to the needy and poor. Zakat has a positive influence on both sides- the giver, and the recipient. In addition, it fulfills the needs of the poor, and resolves the problems that relief organizations’ assistance projects do not typically address.


In many Syrian cities, the continued siege had led to difficulties in importing and exporting capital goods, which results in extreme shortage of supply and forces many shops to close- having bare shelves and empty stocks. Many households have lost their income source, with more funds needed to restart their businesses.


Also, intensive shelling and indifferent destruction of houses and markets, even partially, left households in need for funds to restore ruined parts.


Therefore, Beyaz Eller works on collecting donations, Zakat and Sedaka to extend help to the neediest families and relieve their suffering.


Project Aims:

-    To alleviate the psychological and financial burden on displaced, besieged and needy families.

-    To provide funds and help poor households overcoming their financial obstacles.

-    To achieve psychological stability in target families.


Project Objectives:

-    To spread a sense of affection, mercy and mutual respect.

-    To deepen notions of Islamic brotherhood and make IDPs feel they have brothers who feel their suffering.

-    To help Zakat givers reach their money to the neediest beneficiaries.

-    To revive Zakat rituals as one of the Islamic obligations.

-    To strengthen the notion and importance of ‘giving.'

Let Yours Be the Upper Hand, and Contribute by Giving Your Zakat.