History of Beyazeller Organization


Our Vision

To support the establishment of a harmonious Syrian society and enable it to live in dignity and safety.



  • Empower the Syrian people to protect their identity and heritage.
  • Provide gravely needed humanitarian support inside Syria for war-torn areas in freed and besieged towns and villages.
  • Support the Syrian refugees in Turkey to fight poverty, and enhance their capacity.
  • Focus on sustainable development projects to empower the Syrian society.
  • Provide education, health and psychosocial support to Syrian IDPs and refugees.

Our Goals:

  • Immediate intervention in disasters to mitigate their effects. 
  • Assess and prioritize humanitarian needs, and implement projects that create a productive and self-sustained society.
  • Community development to enhance people’s abilities and realize human dignity. 
  • Highlight the humanitarian situation in areas affected by current disasters





Our efforts are done sincerely for Allah and society on a purely humane basis.


We aim at enhancing principles of transparency and systems of accountability and integrity in all our work


All our programs are high quality and striving to promote excellent human behavior to be able to help as many people as we can.


we provide humanitarian aid to all in need of it, giving preference only to the more needy not withstanding their gender, ethnic origin, belief, or class.