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October 25, 2018
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Khalilu-Rahman School

Khalilu-Rahman School

Khalilu-Rahman School

The “Education” program  is central to “Beyaz Eller Organization’s” efforts to rebuild the Syrian society. With the start of every year, the organization strives to secure the continued support to its educational services aiming at restoring damaged buildings and provision of students and teachers’ basic needs within its vision for the education sector and as means to realize sustainable developments and help building  an equipped generation of youth who will rebuild the Syrian society.

Reform and Restoration

Amid the arbitrary shelling of Aleppo city, “Khalilu-Rahman” school was largely destroyed, calling the need for “Beyaz Eller” to interfere with support from “The International Islamic Charity Organization” to rebuild the damage.

With the beginning of every year, “Beyaz Eller” team prepares a building and equipment needs study to help students and teachers pursuing education goals and generate a viable environment for teacher-student relationship.

Using funds from “The International Islamic Charity Organization”, restoration works are completed ahead of the first semester to maintain the educational process and provide education to the children.


School timeline

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Excellence and Success

A ten-years old girl smiles to our camera as she speaks about her dream:


One of the students talked to our team:

“When I grow up I will become a successful media professional, taking excellent photographs and transmitting the truth to people..” Then, she positioned herself before the camera and asked us to reshoot that episode while she was repeating her words.
“I always dreamed of becoming an Arabic language teacher who explains efficiently and raise students’ interest in Arabic. However, the displacement turmoil had deprived me the chance to pursue education. Now I am striving to recap what I missed, with help of my teachers.”

Continued Support

The school

Provision of seats, boards, and basic educational equipment  to help teachers explain lessons effectively using the simplest tools. Also, we provide heaters and fuel to keep the classrooms warm and protect the children’s health during winter.




Beyaz Eller organization” supports the teaching and administration staff with high-paying job opportunities to ensure  their financial and psychological stability and encourage the effective completion of work duties. In addition to providing stationary tools to teachers and students alike, the organization conducts performance lifting programs to realize effective learning and teaching relationship with war-traumatized children.




Provision of a small meal every week, winter clothing, stationary tools and school bags.

And to create a sense of entertainment and fun, we organize school trips and activities to support the students’ psychological well-being.

By supporting Education, “Beyaz Eller Organization” strives to pursue a number of goals, in which the student’s psychological well-being is a priority. Through trips, entertainment programs, and extracurricular activities, schools become a safe haven for children, protecting them against countless dangers. In the future, we seek the provision of quality education for dropout  students to help them develop and rebuild what the war has damaged.

مدرسة خليل الرحمن
مدرسة خليل الرحمن
مدرسة خليل الرحمن
مدرسة خليل الرحمن
مدرسة خليل الرحمن