Their Future is a Trust - Beyaz Eller education program

Their Future is a Trust

Their Future is a Trust


Syria’s education has plunged into a crisis as the war continues to shade lasting effects on the country’s present and future. Destruction of schools has havocked not only the civil infrastructure but also the entire educational system, raising alarms of a long-term catastrophe and increased dropout rates.

Meanwhile, dire financial conditions increase concerns over families’ ability to send children if safe schooling is available. Thus, “Beyaz Eller Organization” is keen on developing projects that meet students and teachers’ needs alike and contribute to realizing societal development.


Project vary to cover different aspects of the education process:


Restoring and Operating schools

- Building and restoring the damaged schools.

- Equipping schools with necessary tools and supplies.

- Provision of heating supplies during winter.

Student sponsorship throughout a year:

- Provision of books and stationary tools.

- Provision of school uniform and winter clothing.

- Organizing entertainment trips to support the student’s psychological wellbeing.


Teacher-based support - being the center of any educational process

- Provision of monthly salaries throughout an educational year.

- Provision of necessary tools and supplies for an adequate delivery of information to the students.

- Organizing performance-lifting courses and workshops that enhance the teachers’ efficiency and improve their communication skills with the students.

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