Protection and Sponsorship Program

In times of war, children are subject to negative psychological pressures that affect them undermining their psychological stability and make them vulnerable to different psychic conditions. Moreover, the child’s inability to express his/her inner feelings and the pain he/she experiences confounds these effects.

برنامج الحماية والكفالات


The UNICEF has considered Syria to be one of the most dangerous places for children, as the conflict claimed the lives of thousands of people, deprived many of education opportunities, and forced them into displacement or migration. Suffering has also included forcing early entry of children into labor market.

‘Syria Relief’ has indicated in a report that 5.3 million child need urgent aid. Additionally, 2 million child of them can’t be reached in war-stricken regions.

Our Projects:

‘Beyaz Eller Organization’ works through ‘Protection and Sponsorship’ Program on gathering information of orphans and families-without-breadwinners. The organization has also adopted a comprehensive methodology for their psychological, educational, health, and financial development, through a complete survey of the conditions of eligible orphans and families, to guarantee an optimal use of funds.

The organization has several projects covering this area. Providing sponsorships for orphans and families and securing all needs of the children and their families, of food and clothing, comes as a first priority. However,  Beyaz Eller gives great importance to psychological wellbeing, as well. It sponsors football teams in Istanbul and Mersin and delivers psychological support and religious guidance to help the children overcome negative feelings.

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