About Us

The Syrian population suffers the worst of civil wars in our modern time. During the last five years, more than half of the population was forced to flee the country, including 4.9 million women and children. More than 1 million people were killed, and 3 million children are at risk of losing their lives because of the unrelenting violence in a country waging with war.

To take part in alleviating the humanitarian suffering in Syria, a group of prominent Turkish and Syrian leaders have founded ‘Beyaz Eller’, a charity organization with wide-reaching humanitarian relief sectors. In 27/02/2013, the organization was authorized for work in Turkey; its headquarter office was established in Istanbul under title ‘BEYAZ ELLER YARDIMLAŞMA DERNEĞI”. In 24/09/2014, the branch office in Antakya was authorized to implement projects and follow up with the situation on the Turkish-Syrian borders.

The organization started its activities by rushing life-saving aids that precede on top of humanitarian needs- whether inside Syria or near the Syrian borders with Turkey. It started with field studies to provide accurate estimation of need in displacement, camping, and impoverished areas. 


In four years, the organization’s budget has developed steadily from $2.5 million to $12 million. It has been able to reach 17 million people. Through a network of well-connected offices and personnel on the ground, ‘Beyaz Eller’ is effectively assessing and prioritizing needs to efficiently allocate funding and collect and distribute aid.

Politically independent, ‘Beyaz Eller’ offers aid service to any human in need, without discrimination, and is able to reach millions of people in besieged areas – including Aleppo, Madaya, Dar’a, Ghouta and Homs countryside

Our projects cover six main areas: Food Security and Livelihood, Education, Health, Shelter and Non-food Assistance, Water and Sanitation, and Protection and Sponsorship.

Beyaz Eller’s expansive and systemic reach is essential to the aid of the afflicted Syrian people. We need every support to continue our humanitarian efforts and undertake urgently needed projects before an imminent catastrophe reoccurs in the afflicted areas.

Our  goal is for every afflicted Syrian to have a one-on-one sponsorship – whether a widow, an orphan, a young man or woman, or an elderly person. Just like us, every Syrian victim of this heinous war deserves a chance at a new life, through direct sponsorship of a compassionate person who values humanity.

Will that be you?