Relief Convoy for the Syrian People, after they have been forced out of their cities

Relief Convoy for the Syrian People

Relief Convoy

Beyaz Eller Organization” is constantly organizing convoys to help displaced Syrians after they have been forced out of their cities in search of safety. The organization have provided assistance to meet the basic needs of the needy people of Syria, who are suffering from deteriorating material, social, and humanitarian conditions driven by a protracted conflict in the country.

Organizing a Relief Convoy:

For this purpose, “Beyaz Eller” organized a relief convoy for the benefit of our people in Syria with the support and funding of Sheikh Abdullah Al Nouri Charity Society”, which works to provide support to the Syrian people and to stand with them in their ordeal that has narrowed all aspects of life for them.

The convoy targeted displaced persons in the area of ​​Idlib countryside, where shelter materials were purchased and distributed to 1.475 beneficiaries in this area, so that each beneficiary can get a mattress, blanket, and a pillow to help alleviate his suffering.

Other materials:

At the same time, it was agreed with the Abdullah Al Nouri Charity Society to provide winter materials in two phases. In the first phase, a heater with 100 liters of fuel was distributed to 2,025 beneficiaries, with a per capita quota of 100 liters.

While in the second phase it was agreed to buy and distribute the fuel to 1,190 beneficiaries, each serving 100 liters of diesel.

Relief Convoy
Relief Convoy

Support through the distribution of tents

And in an attempt to secure the alleviation of the suffering of the displaced, especially with the cold waves that began to hit the region and made them suffer from many humanitarian problems. 147 tents were purchased and installed in rural Idlib to accommodate the displaced, bringing the number of beneficiaries to about 735 beneficiaries

:One of the beneficiaries of the convoy says


While a 30-year-old woman spoke:

“our house was destroyed by the continuous shelling. We were forced me and my family to flee”. He continued: "We had to live homeless for several days with the most severe deprivation, thank God for everything. These materials have helped us a lot in alleviating the severe cold and the children feel warm”.
“I was forced to support my family after my husband's death, which required me to work in more than one job. I often did not find the job that suited me, which forced me to work for long periods, depriving me of sleep for days, which prevented me from being with my children who were left alone for a long time.”

Beyaz Eller Organization

Our organization works with many Syrian, Arab, and international individuals and institutions to provide support to those who need it, and to provide assistance to many families and individuals in Syria who have suffered in recent years. After the imposed displacement, they find themselves homeless lacking food and in lack of essential life resources.