Report about Your Qurbani in the Prophet’s Levant 6 - Turkey

Your Qurbani in the Prophet’s Levant 6 – Turkey-Report

اضحيتك بشام الرسول
اضحيتك بشام الرسول

Eid Al Adha is one of the most important holidays celebrated by Muslims around the world ‎every year because of its important Islamic rituals. The Syrian people are suffering from the ‎scourge of a continuous war of endless years, which has left extremely difficult social and ‎humanitarian conditions, especially for families forced to leave their homeland in search of a ‎place that preserves the lives of their children.‎

Distribution of Qurbani sacrifices:

As a result of Beyaz Eller Organizations’s efforts to raise awareness of the Syrian refugees in ‎Turkey, the organization has bought a large collection of Qurbani animals and distributed them to ‎those in need, in cooperation with “Qatar Charity”, “Abdullah Al Nouri Charity Society” and ‎‎“Islamic Relief”.‎

The project included the distribution of Qurbani animals to the Syrian citizens in Turkey, namely ‎those in Maras, Kilis, Antakya, Mersin, and Istanbul.‎

اضحيتك بشام الرسول
اضحيتك بشام الرسول
أضحيتك بشام الرسول
أضحيتك بشام الرسول

Where 458 Qurbanis were slaughtered and distributed to more than 3,002 families, bringing the ‎total number of beneficiaries to 15,010 people from the poorest and most needy groups in these ‎areas.‎


The project has helped informing the benefiting households that they have brothers who are ‎aware of their suffering and seek to bring happiness to their homes after being deprived of it for ‎a long time due to the high prices of basic goods and services. In the difficult circumstances of ‎the displaced families, Eid Al Adha is an opportunity to feed children one of the basic materials ‎to build their bodies.‎

Qurbani Report

Research and follow up:

Since its establishment, all the teams in "Beyaz Eller Organization” seek to uplift the harm ‎placed on the Syrian citizens after the war had tormented the country for several years. ‎

The organization is concerned with studying the needs of the poorest families affected by the ‎war through conducting  social research on their living condition before providing assistance, ‎then preparing lists of beneficiaries with indicated need priorities, and finally providing support ‎and assistance to them, both financial and in-kind, in collaboration with a group of institutions ‎and other charities inside and outside Syria.‎

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Beyaz Eller’s efforts go beyond the mere provision of assistance to families and individuals. It ‎continues its work by following up and evaluating the recipient households’ living conditions to ‎measure long-term  effectiveness and contribute to sustainable development. ‎