Idlib Civlians...Where to escape?

Idlib Civlians…Where to escape?

Idlib which witnessed several displacement waves from Syrian cities and areas, which safely embraced millions of now desperate finding an escape for its people to flee an eminent war that threatens their lives and homes.      
Residents of many Syrian cities and villages were forced to seek safety in Idlib. Over half of its 4 million residents are IDPs who fled violence and now suffer a strangling siege that leaves no chance to escape death. 
Amid fears of a potential offensive, the UN warns about severe humanitarian disaster in Idlib.   
A report by "Relief Coordinators in Northern Syria" indicates that 8,069 families have fled violence in Idlib and Hama after their villages had been attacked. the offensive put five hospitals and medical centres out of service and destroyed 6 schools.   
The UNICEF has warned that one million Syrian children are threatened by the expected offensive on Idlib.  


Efforts must collaborate to prevent the most dangerous humanitarian crisis in Syria.