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May 4, 2017
Zakat ul-Mal -Let Yours Be the Upper Hand, and Contribute by Giving Your Zakat.
May 13, 2017

Donate Baby Formula for the Syrian Infants

Continued and indiscriminate shelling, horror, and fear are main reasons behind Syrian mothers' inability to breastfeed their babies. The war deprives infants of natural milk which is essential to their growth. As mothers resort to formula, its supply became extremely scarce and expensive, leading to a spread of malnutrition among newly born babies.


According to statistics, severe malnutrition reached 7.2 percent in many Syrian areas, while stunting levels arouse to 22.3 percent among children aged 5-6 years. Meanwhile, the extreme shortage of nutrients has increased anemia to 30 percent among children and women at the reproductive age.


As means to avoid an imminent crisis, Beyaz Eller Association launched a project to provide baby formula and supplementary nutrients to malnourished infants and children. We ensure that specialized medical centers provide babies with nutrients and formula every week throughout six months.


The project aims at:


- Limiting the number of malnourished babies.

- Alleviating the financial burden of babies' families, especially after the rise in formula prices

- Distributing milk and supplementary nutrients to babies every week throughout six months.


Project Objectives:


- To face the spread of malnutrition in different Syrian cities after recent incidents.

- To save lives of malnourished children;

- To alleviate the psychological burden of displaced and besieged families inside Syria; and

- To enable afflicted families to overcome the crisis by providing necessary food to their children.