Beyaz Eller Association | Support of Dar Al Ezz Project

Support of Dar Al Ezz Project

Support of Dar Al Ezz Project

As the Syrian crisis has transformed into a protracted conflict for over seven years, with severe humanitarian and material consequences, “Beyaz Eller” organization has strived to assist the affected population with several projects addressing the deported and displaced households. In countless locations and cities, we endeavor to extend support and cooperate with various associations and Arab and foreign institutions.

UN reports indicate that since the arise of conflict, more than 13 million Syrians were forced to migrate the country forming around 60 percent of its population, which accounts for one of the biggest refugee and displacement crises in modern history.

BE project to Support Dar Al Ezz

the desperate financial and humanitarian situation of displaced households in Antakya, Turkey, who escaped certain death with only clothes on their backs, led “Beyaz Eller” organization to sponsor “Dar Al Ezz” project in Antakya, financed by Al Rahma International, to benefit 143 widowed women and orphaned children.

Beyaz Eller worked on provision of life-necessities to 37 refugee households who lost their breadwinners to the ongoing war. We equipped the building with basic furniture and livelihood necessities to provide adequate shelter and maintain these families’ dignity, as means to relieve their multiplied misery.

Humanitarian Catastrophe

Another young women in her twenties has migrated after she had lost her husband to shelling in her city. As she came to Turkey, no one was there to support her livelihood or secure essential needs.
Out field team in Antakya met one of this project beneficiaries, a mother of three children who lost their breadwinner and was forced to migrate to Turkey. There, she sought financial survival through inferior employment that only keeps her family alive and preserves children’s dignity. But poor health put her out of work only to find herself no more able to meet children’s needs as she eventually lost income.

Beyaz Eller Efforts

Our project addresses the afflicted individuals and households inside Syria and in Turkey by improving their living and humanitarian conditions especially as the war has caused killings and displacement of thousands in a relatively short period.

To this end, we outreach to a group of charity organizations inside and outside Syria to finance proposed projects following the most urgent needs in each area.

Also, Beyaz Eller puts effort into studying the financial circumstances of benefiting households to ensure efficient and effective allocation of both financial and in-kind assistance and greater outreach to needy and deserving households.